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Video for the rrb television shoot.


You would like to report about us and our passion. You need more information?
Then you are exactly right here!

Wheel Divas Cycling Team | Radsport | Einzelzeitfahren | Training | Berlin

A press kit for women's cycling is only beneficial. It is not uncommon for women to be found only on social media.


The information on this is often quite sparse and is also a deterrent, because editors like to research, but if you find little information, then the worst case can occur - you still don't write anything and get no attention, although women in particular deserve attention .

We are at the beginning of the work. If something is missing, please report .

Our foundation is one voice and a wide reach
for great women in the best sport.


CD Guide

Here you will find a ZIP file with all the current elements of the CD guide.


Presse | Mitteldeutsche Zeitung

Sina Päske und ihr Weg zur Managerin einer Frauen-Rad- Bundesligamannschaft


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Presse | Rheinische Post

Wheel Divas zum deutschen  Frauenradsport, Tour de France Femmes, Bund Deutscher Radfahrer.


Press | overview

Current releases compiled by GENIOS

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Podcasts | EQUALATE Sports

15 squad athletes to one woman” – Sina Päske (Wheel Divas) on (un)fair opportunities in German cycling


Jahreskalender 2022

Seit 2018 gestalten wir traditionell einen Jahreskalender für die

Partner des Frauenradsports

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Presseveröffentlichung Berliner Verlag | Berliner Kurier zur Versagung der Förderung durch Land Berlin


television | tv

RBB contribution to the topic  Women's Cycling | Berlin | Germany tour


Podcasts | Sports maniac

Podcast about ra(n)dsport is not football, diversity, lack of funds and structures

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Wheel Divas überraschen mit Aufsehen die Fachleute.

1. Sieg bei Rad-Bundesliga.


Tour de France- Sieger Geraint Thomas und Wheel Divas beim Altstadtkriterium Graz.

Eigener Blogbeitrag hier.

Thank you for supporting us women.

WheelDivas Trainingsfahrt

Women   cycling   Passion

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