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Ecological fingerprint
Compensation by bees


priceless economic benefits
2.5 million CO2-free flight kilometers
30 kg of CO2-free sweets


"There is an urgent need for specific measures to reduce pressures on natural habitats, halt biodiversity loss and protect threatened species and prevent their extinction."
dr Corinna Hoelzer & Cornelis Hemmer | Human and Environment Foundation.

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our mission

The United Nations adopted the 2030 Agenda in 2015. Its and our core is a catalog with 17 goals for sustainable development | Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs ).

The Wheel Divas act on the preservation of our ecosystems,  their recognition by the general public as an urgent task for society as a whole.


What could we as a small association do to promote sustainability? Nothing? We are not satisfied with that. Because we can, in small steps with great results.

Our voluntary ecological compensation is an important building block for ecological neutrality as a Bundesliga team, Berlin cycling club
and for each member.

Avoidance, reduction is the best way. If that weren't possible, then improving the ecological fingerprint as a pioneer in the federal cycling league is the way to go.

Many roads lead to Rome.
And why wander into the distance, when the good is often so close?

Our path starts right outside the front door. With 60,000 workers, several hundred men and a Divas as queen. The whole thing is CO2-neutral with 20 to 30 kg of CO2 sweets;
the best that nature has to offer.

Image by MING Labs

pioneering role

"Wheel Divas want to be leaders in women's cycling on issues related to cycling  Become more sustainable," says boss Sina Päske. Further: "Neither the manufacture of our equipment, nor cycling itself is sufficiently sustainable or energy- and resource-saving. We see potential here and are starting with small steps. Working with Bee-Rent is exactly the right step.
Mathe-Notizbuch und Rechner


We currently only know roughly how large the collective ecological footprint is.  been. The CO2 emissions generated by the team's 3 vehicles add up to around 15 tons every year. Individual travel kilometers are not included,  including by car,  Train or plane and also the ecological fingerprint of our food, among other things.

It will be a task to record these parameters in addition to professional cycling.


Ascetic environmentalism is avoidance. All the effort is under scrutiny, especially the logistics. With a lot of effort, the Wheel Divas have already saved many unnecessary travel kilometers in 2021. Catering is provided by the stationary trade and is organized centrally. No containers were used for thousands of liters of water, only their own bottles.
WheelDivas Trainingsfahrt

Women   cycling   Passion


Eco footprint

Every person leaves footprints of his life . In Germany, over 1/3  average footprint needed for nutrition. In living, for example, the largest share is heating energy. in our mobility and logistics area, moderation is our own  Mobility requirements and the use of climate-friendly means of transport are the main starting points for reducing the footprint. What remains is compensated.
Image by Kunal Kalra

Our compensation

 No team in the Rad-Bundesliga has yet intensified its efforts to save energy or optimize its energy balance. Ultimately, cycling is an energy consumer. We have optimized a lot of the ecological footprint, we voluntarily compensate for the unavoidable remainder of energy and emissions. Such an attitude is rewarded by our sponsors and partners. It is an important building block of ours  Business connection.
Image by Georg Eiermann

bee leasing

80% of all domestic plants depend on bees. With their pollination power, they are the beginning of every plant food.  Without the bee, only 20% of the previous amount of food would remain.
There has been a sharp decline in bee populations and beekeeper numbers worldwide. we see
  need for action. One more reason to combine the good with the pleasant: we  hire professional beekeeper Caroline Nauck from Bee-Rent . Bee leasing has existed since April 2021 . In 2019, Bee-Rent won the special prize for social entrepreneurship from the KfW Award.
Ökologicher Fingerprint
Bienen Leasing

It's great that you support us women in realizing our goals.

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