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women cycling 

Oder Rundfahrt Wheel Divas Radsport Frauen Berlin Brandenburg.webp


Oder Rundfahrt Wheel Divas Radsport Frauen Berlin Brandenburg.webp

Warm welcome!

Wheel Divas Cycling Team

“Cycling is not a game, cycling is a sport. Hard, unyielding and relentless and you have to give up a lot. You play football or tennis or hockey. But you don't play cycling."

Jean de Gribaldy

Women and cycling - that doesn't work, we were told in 2015. There would be neither drivers capable of suffering nor a suitable infrastructure. Everyone said that until two came who didn't know, didn't want to know. That roughly describes our founding myth. Thirteen female riders, a cycling team and an enthusiastic team behind the team testify today: women, cycling and Berlin do belong together.


Sustainability and active management are also part of us. So from 2021 it will be: Women and cycling and Berlin and 60,000 supported hard-working bees belong together.


As a development team, we focus on exciting tours and races at home and abroad, the focus on a stable cycling Bundesliga season and good results at the German Championships.And who knows who knows, everything is possible in Berlin , including a professional cycling team.

Cycling City of Berlin


We proudly present

Oder Rundfahrt Wheel Divas Radsport Frauen Berlin Brandenburg.webp
Wheel Divas | Frauenradsport | Gemeinsam gegen Doping | Radsportverein Berlin
BDR | Bund Deutscher Radfahrer
Oder Rundfahrt Wheel Divas Radsport Frauen Berlin Brandenburg.webp

Women   cycling   Passion

Wheel Divas Cycling Team - Radsport Berlin

1st Stage Grand Prix of the City of Frankfurt (Oder)

Thursday 06.07.2023


Laps: 30
Length: 45km
Altitude difference: 1,203 m


During the warm-up, the route inspection and with the start of the first stage in the heart of Frankfurt/Oder, it becomes obvious that it will not be easy. On the contrary. In the strong peloton it becomes harder and harder to stay ahead. Every woman fights on the long climb and proves her mental toughness. The climb has to be climbed 30 times.

Registration Oderrundfahrt
of the womens 2023


Dear sports friends, please note the following:


  • The registration is done by the responsible person/ sporting director of the teams. One registration per team on the waiting list.

  • 100 junior women and men are admitted. Sporting Director Oderrundfahrt Dan Radtke will select teams according to rank, nationality diversity, normative performance and time of registration.

  • The organising team will inform nominated teams in writing via the email address you have provided.

  • Afterwards, the responsible persons/ sporting directors of the teams will register their individual riders per team.

  • If you have any questions, please contact the Sporting Director Oderrundfahrt Dan Radtke or Hans-Günter Päske | 2.CEO Wheel Divas Cycling Team.

  • The 5 stage tour is officially advertised at rad-net.

Thanks to our partner astendo for the digital registration for Oderrundfahrt


Oderrundfahrt der Frauen 2023
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