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WHEEL DIVAS - The team

Sometimes we have more, sometimes less, life and competition experience, live in different cities, have individual sports careers and our everyday life looks different for each of us with school, job, children and family. 
Yet we are ONE! 
We see our five pillars for mutual success as the foundation of our team. We have more in common than just cycling! We have a vision, great trust, respect, feel absolute commitment and support each other.
Lotta Schoenemeyer  - Wheel Diva
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Lotta Schoenemeyer

"Riding in the back hurts just as much as driving in the front."

Born in 1999

Lotta came to cycling at SC Berlin in 2011 via swimming and dancing. She won several national champion titles on the track and the road (junior women). At the state championships in 2019, she took 4th place in the individual time trial and on the road (women). On the track, Lotta took 3rd place in the team pursuit at the German Championships in 2016 (junior women) and 2018 (women). In 2017 she also finished 3rd in the Giro Delle Dolomiti . Lotta drives Bundesliga as well as UCI races and tours in Germany and abroad. Lotta is a real all-rounder. She took part in the Dubai Womans Tour in 2020, but after that the focus is on the track. Lotta is Berlin's current champion on the track in the Omnium.

Marie Lagershausen - Wheel Diva

Marie Lagershausen

"The only time success comes before work is in the dictionary."

Born in 1999

Marie first started swimming before switching to racing bikes in 2013. Here she first drove at RV Etelsen and later at RC Bremen . Marie has won several national championship titles so far; she is currently state champion in the individual time trial and runner-up in the 1er Straße for Bremen. In 2020, Marie was already able to take part in the Dubai Women's Tour for the Divas. Also in the now new season she will  represented the divas on the street and on the track.

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Sandra Klotz - Wheel Diva
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Sandra Klotz

"Take everything you can get, don't give anything back - especially if it's chocolate."

Born in 1990

After athletics, handball and soccer, Sandra came to cycling at Gubener Radsport eV in 2003, and most recently drove for Dresdner SC . Sandra is our tour specialist. In addition to tours in the Czech Republic, Hungary and Belgium, she has even taken part in the Tour of Israel in 2019. Whether flat or hilly, Sandra is just about everything. She is the Saxon vice-champion mountain 2019. She also took 3rd place in the team sprint and team pursuit at the German Railway Championship 2018. In the current season, Sandra will again strengthen the divas with her versatility and cheerful nature.

Maren Thümmler - Wheel Diva
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Maren Thummeller

"The flatter, the better."

Born in 2001

​ Maren started speed skating at TSC Berlin in 2007, later at EVB 08 Berlin. Road cycling was an integral part of the (summer) training here. In 2017 she switched completely to racing bikes. 2018 is her first year in the Rad-Bundesliga. So far she has won the  8th place in the individual time trial of the German championship in 2018 and also took 2nd place in the individual time trial of the juniors at the state championships in Berlin in 2018 and 3rd place in 2019. Maren’s focus in the new season will be on the track with the divas and in time trials .


Women   cycling   Passion

Rieke Möllering - Wheel Diva
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Rieke Mollering


"Anyone who has to go to the bathroom while cycling hasn't sweated enough."

Born in 1999

What began as a balancing training session while rowing became Rieke's favorite sport in 2017. She has been driving licensed races for RSC Nienburg since 2018, preferably with a hilly profile. The entry into the racing event began victorious with the 1st place in her Ak  at the ProAm Hannover 2018 over 110km, which meant 4th place overall. In 2019, Rieke was able to take 3rd place in the mountain time trial on the Brocken. Also in 2019 he participated in the German championships road, mountain and in the individual time trial. At the Bundesliga race in Sebnitz, Rieke was allowed to start for the Divas as a guest driver. More racing experiences should now

be collected in the Bundesliga.

Selina Kaul - Wheel Diva
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Selina Knaul


"With 100% passion, fighting spirit and will, anything is possible."

Born in 1995

Selina's sporting career began with soccer, where she last played in the regional league. When she is not playing football, she has been riding a racing bike since 2016 and taking part in triathlon events. In 2018 she competed in the Olympic distance in Leipzig. Knee problems finally led to the end of his football career and a switch to racing bikes. The native of Rhineland-Palatinate would also like to practice this sport at a high level of performance. After initially regional races, Selina will now gain more competition experience with us divas in the Bundesliga. It can also be a bit hilly.

Sam Sandten | Wheel Diva

Sam Sandten


"Dry before and after the rain."

Born in 1988

Sam also got into cycling through his daily commute to work. She is now a member of RSV Blankenfelde eV and has been supporting the Divas in the Bundesliga since 2020. Her favorite discipline is the time trial. Her previous successes include winning the Bundesliga team time trial in Genthin 2019 and winning the Bundesliga time trial in Spremberg 2017. At the Granfondo Amateur World Championships in Poznan, Sam set the second-best German time, which resulted in an international top 10 place in the women's time trial.


Alexa Kebschull

" The best view comes after the hardest climb ."

Born in 2002

Alexa was born in 2002 and originally comes from speed skating. She has been actively training in this sport at the Berlin TSC since 2009. Alexa uses the bike training primarily to improve basic endurance. She now has a lot of fun doing it, both on the road and on the track. In 2020 she finally got racing fever and rode her first bike race. This will be further expanded in the coming season. So she will mainly strengthen the divas on the track and in the time trial.

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Tammy Rosse

"Shut up legs, where the pain begins."

Born in 2002

At 18, Tami is one of the youngest divas and will be joining us in her first women's season this year. Their home club is RSV Osterweddingen . She rode the 2020 junior season with the "Young Team" from Maxx Solar Lindig . Here she was already able to achieve very good placements. She took 8th and 13th place at the German Mountain Championship (2019/20) and 14th and 16th place at the DM road (2019/20). She is also a multiple state champion. Tami and the divas are already looking forward to starting the new season together with active support and hopefully many races.

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Elisa Hullhorst

"You never know where your limit is."

Born in 2002

Elisa got into cycling because of her long way to school, which she regularly cycled. The desire also to race once

to drive was quickly awakened. She drove her first races for RSV Braunschweig and later for RC Endspurt Herford . Her greatest successes to date include a victory at the national mountain championships, a first and several second places in the cyclocross federal league and the great second place in the overall ranking of this very cyclocross federal league. In the 2020 season, Elisa was already able to get a taste of the air in the North Rhine-Westphalia federal league squad and will now actively support the divas in her first U23 year.


Janina Bender

"You can do anything you want."


Born in 1997

Janina has been actively playing football for 10 years and started cycling in 2014 to compensate. Meanwhile, the focus has more

and shifted more towards cycling. There is now a desire to practice this sport more professionally and to race. So in the current year, Janina is taking the step away from football towards her first season in licensed cycling. She is already looking forward to many shared experiences and lots of fun in the

Team of the Wheel Divas.

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Gina Haberecht

Sweat flows when muscles weep.

Born in 2002

Gina has been on the bike since she was 6 years old and has been training with it for just as long  1.RSC Strausberg . She has been able to win several state championship titles so far. In 2016 Gina took

3rd place at the German Championship 1er Straße. On too

on the railway it has been very successful so far. At the German championships in 2018 she took 2nd place in the team pursuit and in 2019 she took 3rd place in the Madison. With participation

At the Arctic Heroes Of Tomorrow Race 2019, Gina was able to gain international racing experience. She represented Germany there

in a circuit race held during the Arctic Race of Norway for young talents.


Runa Kinitz


Born in 1996

Runa comes from 1.RC Jena . After many years in handball and running, she now relies on her first experiences in the cycling national league. She brings a passion for altitude meters and the experience for long distances. Aside from training, she is studying medicine at the University of Jena and would like to become a trauma surgeon later, because cycling and medicine have one thing in common – more strong women are needed.

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Sina Päske  | Teammanagerin | Wheel Divas

Sina Paske

team manager

A- Trainer Stabi - Core Training


B coach cycling

BDR | UCI license

Athletic leaders

DOSB club manager C

Clemens Ludwig | Sportlicher Leiter Wheel Divas Cycling Team

Clemens Ludwig

BDR | UCI license

Athletic Director


Marina Thümmler | Verwaltung Finanzen Wheel Divas

Marina Thuemmler

Chief Financial Officer


Ralph Kuehner

athlete care



Athletic director

BDR | UCI license

Hans-Günter Päske | Teammanager  Sponsoring  Marketing  Wheel Divas

Hans Günter Päske


team manager



BDR | UCI License Sport Director, Derny

Danilo Ettlich | Sportlicher Leiter Wheel Divas

Danilo Ettlich​

BDR | UCI license

Athletic Director, Derny

Mike Krüger​ | Wheel Divas

Mike Krueger

Department for organisational, personnel and budgetary matters

Athlete Support | funding


BDR | DOSB license B coach cycling


Susen Frank | Sportlerbetreuung  Athletensprecherin  Fördermittelaquise  Wheel Divas

Susan Frank


athlete care

athlete spokeswoman


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