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Wheel races and fat tyre races at the kids-tour

Wheel races and fat-tyre races as part of the kids-tour programme.

As in previous years, the organising team has decided to include a wheel race and a fat tyre race for our kids in the supporting programme. The races have been registered under Fette-Reifen-Rennen ( The non-cash prizes are kindly provided by the makers of the Fat Tyre Races.

Two races are offered on two stages: Once between the 2nd and 3rd stage and during the 4th stage.

The 2nd and 3rd stage will take place in Willmersdorf near Werneuchen. Not only kids from the Willmersdorf-Schönfeld-Weesow area can start there, but also siblings of the kids-tour starters travelling with them.

The 4th stage will take place in Marzahn-Hellersdorf and will be accompanied by a second fat tyre and wheel race.

Registration is already open at stating name and year of birth and date of participation.

More information about the races will follow soon.

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