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Stadler promotes kids-tour

Updated: Sep 2, 2023

Zweirad- Center Stadler Berlin supports the kids-tour 2022.

Germany's largest bicycle shop with 22 branches is represented by 2 in Berlin. Both teams are working flat out to prepare the event.

"Who knows his goal will find the way."

Managing Director Josef Zimmerer is an enthusiastic cyclist and has been committed to helping young Berliners for decades. The more than 100 employees at the Berlin site know this too. The Wheel Divas e.V. and Wheel Devils national league cycling teams have been added.

"If it's going to happen, then it's going to happen...." is what the native Bavarian said at the last meeting of the kids-tour organisational team at the beginning of the week. We will do everything we can to make the kids-tour a highlight for the guests.

On behalf of all the children and sports directors, on behalf of the entire organisational team, the national league teams Wheel Divas e.V., Wheel Devils MANY THANKS to the entire Stadler Team Berlin, and in particular to Max Fleischer (head of the Prenzlauer Berg workshop), Ricardo Heigl in the warehouse, Roy Buße, Jahja Wittig and Franz-Paul Vogt (.....).

Team Zweirad Center Stadler | Josef Zimmerer | Roy Buße, Jahja Wittig, Franz-Paul Vogt | internationale kids-tour berlin | Radsportverein | Sportmetropole Berlin | Wheel Divas cycling Team | Wheel Devils Cycling Team | womens cycling | kids cycling |
Team Stadler mit u.a. Roy Buße, Jahja Wittig, Franz-Paul Vogt

There is packing, commissioning, selecting, shipping, storing. There is a lot to discuss and coordinate. The time for preparation is short.

Josef Zimmerer comes up with some very good ideas: A free technical service point will be available for the little racers during all stages, just like the neutral equipment van at the Tour de France. A special wish of Michael Lemke will be realised: an air compressor for the teams' support staff and leaders. But that's not all, his staff is scheduled as mechanics for all 4 stages. The prizes were a special focus of Josef Zimmerer. Now, for the first time, the members of the team classifications will also receive an appreciation in the form of awards.

International kids-tour 2013 Berlin, 2. Stage, Team Time Trial TTT, LV Thueringen 2 - 📷 Arne Mill | Frontalvision | Radsportverein | Sportmetropole Berlin | Wheel Divas cycling Team | Wheel Devils Cycling Team | womens cycling | kids cycling |
24. Internationale kids-tour 2016 Team Time Trail TTT U15 2. Stage. ANDREASSON Sebastian - ERRINGSØ Frederik - JØRGENSEN Luis Carl - ANDERSEN Kasper ( DEN ) – DCU Distrikt Saelland – Second Place - ALVARADO Salvador - ROMERS Boris - VAN OOSTEN Koert - BUTERS Joris ( NED ) – Team Holland West – First Place - Stage Winner – DRESCHER Laurin - STROTSKYIS Vadym - HOFMANN Marius - KRETSCHY Moritz ( GER ) – LV Sachsen| 📷 Arne Mill | Frontalvision

The bags for the starting documents, giveaways and small attentions are packed, prizes for the ceremonies are chosen, tents and equipment are on the truck. Tomorrow it starts: the 28th International kids-tour starts.

Many thanks to all the staff of the teams from Zweirad- Center Stadler

in Berlin- Charlottenburg und Prenzlauer Berg.


Fairness first.

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