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Greeting to the 28th International kids-tour 2022

Giesela Dietz-Mey
Giesela Dietz-Mey

Beautiful things quickly become tradition*. Mrs. Gisela Dietz-Mey makes sure that it stays that way.

She is now the guardian of the idea and tradition of the International Kids Tour and is looking forward to a 4-stage tour in 2022.

Cycling is uniting people,

said my husband Jens- Holger Mey in 1993.

He was the idea generator, inventor and founder of the International kids-tour, and for many years the organisational director. His guiding principle was and is international understanding, fair-play, respectful interaction with other cultures. This idea is more important today than ever.

Poster 1.Internationale kids-tour 1993 Berlin | Radsport | Berlin Sportmetropole | Berlin Pro Cycling UG |
Poster 1.Internationale kids-tour 1993.

Every year, Jens-Holger built bridges of international understanding for more than 250 children and almost 30 nations and for fair dealings in partnership.

He saw that international cycling events are the undisputed highlight of the season for children, coaches and spectators. There, children motivate each other to be at their best, live fair play and celebrate successes together as a team or console each other when they lose.

Berlin was also important to him as a host and the chance to present itself with all its facets and as a sports metropolis.

Jens- Holger led Germany's only international junior cycling event to the most important junior cycling race in the world, gave cycling a future here in Berlin. He rewarded the children for their year-round commitment in the hard, tough everyday training through his extraordinary event.

My husband passed away in 2020. As patron, I let the idea live on. In keeping with Jens-Holger's spirit, I am once again placing the event in the good hands of Michael Lemke, the organiser.

May cycling bring people together. I wish all participants and the organising team every success!

Gisela Dietz-Mey - in May 2022


*Aba Assa (*1974), Essayistin

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